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Tena koutou katoa, My name is Te Huinga Sun and I am half Maori and half Chinese. My father is Graeme Sun who can whakapapa back to Guangzhou in China. His grandfather migrated to New Zealand to a small country named Ohakune. My mother is Rata Sun who comes from Pawarenga and Rotorua.

I graduated in 2015 with my Bachelor of Education specilising in Te Reo Maori. Since then I have been teaching at a Catholic school in Otara for the past 8 years. During my time there as an educator I managed to become a curriculum leader, team leader and sport lead teacher contributing towards making changes and creating authentic programs that best suits the needs of our learners.

For the past 4 years I have also been a volunteer as a Chairman for a Kohanga Reo in Otara. It was a privilege to serve our Maori community in decision making against policies, managing staff and accommodating to the needs of individual families as they signed up for a new journey in learning te reo Maori alongside their children.

Previously a board member for Whaiora Marae and being apart of a forum that makes decisions for our Maori Community within Otara. I have a passion to teach and continue to grow professionally that best serves all learners.

Through Te Kakano I endeavour to walk alongside you as you partake in this journey of learning. The richness of our Maori language and history will test our emotions as we explore mythology, facts and structuring sentences so that we are able to have conversations with others in Te Reo Maori.



Te Huinga Sun


Tui Te Kiri

Kia ora! I'm Tui, and while many recognize me as the face behind 'Te Kakano's sales and marketing, my journey with Māoridom began in the distant mining town of Karratha, Western Australia. It was there, as a child, that I first felt the embrace of our culture through kapahaka. Immersed in the songs, poi, and Te Reo, kapahaka wasn't just an activity; it was a revelation. It was probably the first time I felt a profound sense of belonging, a connection that resonated deep within.

This connection has been a guiding force throughout my life. As a psychic medium, I've had the privilege of working with our ancestors, feeling their guidance and wisdom. My career has taken me across the globe, and with over a decade of experience running a business and an academy for empaths and intuitives, my dedication to supporting spiritual entrepreneurs remains unwavering.

Every step I take with 'Te Kakano' is in honour of those who came before me. My nana Heke, who founded her own Te Reo school, is a constant source of inspiration. I carry her legacy and vision, hoping to make her proud with what we achieve here.

As we move forward with 'Te Kakano', I invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you're beginning your exploration or seeking deeper connections, know that you're in a place born from genuine understanding, passion, and ancestral guidance. Welcome to 'Te Kakano'. Your journey, our shared dream, begins here.



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