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Kia Ora & Welcome to


Whakapiri is the perfect class for you, whether you're reigniting your connection with Te Reo Maori, exploring it for the first time, or simply curious about this beautiful language.


Every session of Whakapiri is thoughtfully tailored, guiding each student towards personal confidence and clarity on their journey in Te Reo Maori.


Whether you are reigniting your Maori heritage, learning Te Reo for the first time, or simply curious about this captivating language, 'Whakapiri' offers an inviting and supportive environment. We understand the challenges that come with learning a new language, which is why this course is not just about language acquisition but about building confidence and fostering a deep sense of belonging within the Maori culture.


This 8-week journey, starting on February 14th, features classes every Wednesday at 7 PM. Each session is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs and pace of our students, ensuring a personalised learning experience. Beyond the group sessions, we offer 4 optional one-to-one private tutoring sessions, available on Mondays, for those who seek additional guidance or wish to delve deeper into specific areas of interest.


In 'Whakapiri,' you will not only learn the language but also immerse yourself in the cultural nuances and establish connections with our Maori Culture. It's an opportunity to explore, discover, and grow within a community that values and respects the rich heritage of Te Reo Maori.


Registration for 'Whakapiri' is open until February 7th, allowing us to tailor each class to the group's dynamic. By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in Te Reo Maori and a clear path forward, whether you choose to deepen your knowledge in our more intensive programs or continue exploring at your own pace.


Join us in this transformative experience, where language is not just learned but lived. Let 'Whakapiri' be your bridge to a new world of understanding, connection, and cultural enrichment."



The Connection Builder

Dive into the heart of Te Reo Maori with Whakapiri, the only course you'll ever need to begin your journey into this beautiful language and culture. Forge lasting connections and embrace a learning experience that supports your cultural exploration for years to come.


Experience a proven, step-by-step process that GUARANTEES to enhance your understanding and appreciation of Te Reo Maori, employing timeless strategies in a simplified, effective approach.

Whakapiri offers more than just language lessons; it's an immersion into a world where culture, heritage, and language intertwine, creating a rich tapestry of learning and connection. Starting February 14th, every Wednesday at 7 PM, with the option for additional one-to-one sessions, embrace this unique opportunity to grow, connect, and explore with Whakapiri.



Discover Māoridom: 8-Week Course for Just $300

60-90 minute classes, every Wednesday at 7 PM.

Includes 4 optional one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Flexible Access: Missed a class? Catch up with recordings on our student portal.

Start Date: Begins February 14th.

Student Portal Access: Find all class links and essential resources in one place.

Class Library: Rewatch classes to enhance confidence and practice pronunciation at your convenience.

Community Hub: Meet, connect, and practice with like-minded peers. Build lifelong friendships in our student community

Join Whakapiri – your direct path to deeper cultural understanding and connection.

Who is this for?

This unique program stands apart from all our other offerings, designed specifically for:

Beginners & Seekers: Those new to Māoridom or with limited prior knowledge seeking an authentic introduction.

The Disconnected:  Individuals who may have grown up without the presence of Māori protocols and are yearning to reconnect with their roots.

The Curious: Anyone intrigued by the rich tapestry of Māori culture and eager to understand its depth and nuances.

Rekindlers: Those who once felt a connection but need reminders and guidance to rekindle their bond with Māoridom.

Community Builders: Individuals looking to be part of a whānau of learners, to share, grow, and foster deep connections.

If you see yourself in any of the above, Whakapiri is your bridge to a deeper understanding, connection, and appreciation of the Māori world.

For Those Further Along Their Journey:

If you're already well on your path and are looking to dive deeper into specific areas of Māoridom, we invite you to explore our other upcoming programs. Tailored for advanced learners, these offerings delve into specialized topics, ensuring you continue to grow and deepen your connection.

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