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KIA ORA! Come have a browse & see what class speaks to you


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Where to start

We designed these programs with the intention that someone may come into a class knowing absolutely nothing!

We want to encourage people to go where their hearts feel drawn to. While we recommend you learn how to introduce yourself before you learn about the customs and protocols of the  Marae, we want to encourage any form of learning, so go for gold! We want to support you no matter what program you feel drawn to.




The  Introduction


The Marae


The Four Pillars


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Te Kakano

This program teaches us how to introduce ourselves in Te Reo Maori. You will learn the fundamentals of structure and pronunciation with no previous experience required. We teach you the reason Maori introduce ourselves in the way of our mountain, our river, our canoe, our tribe, and our people. You do not have to be Maori to learn this; we only require you have an eagerness to want to learn. We will help you discover all this information during the program, so you don't have to know anything to join us. Just come as you are - we've got you.

The Introduction
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Here we further extend what we have learnt in Te Kakano; now that we know how to introduce ourselves to others and have started to connect with our land, Paiaka is a program that will focus on the protocols of the Marae. 

We learn the history of our mythology as it relates to our Marae and why each Marae has its own sacred and unique customs in place.

At the end of this program, you will be able to address others and give your own basic mihi, just as you would on a Marae setting.

The Marae
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This is designed to take your confidence to the next level; we focus on the four pillars of your well-being as Maori have honoured and practised for generations.

Now that we understand the basics of the Marae; in this program we discover how  the Marae is also a model used for our well being. We understand the four pillars of family, mind, body and Spirit while implementing a holistic approach to balance and understand how our roots are heavily connected to the land.

The Four Pillars

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